A Happy Holiday to All

A sort of hush is beginning to settle even over the tech world–there hasn’t been a decent new Apple Tablet rumor in hours–so Christmas is nearly upon us.

I’m taking off tomorrow to spend the week with family–both sons, daughter-in-law, and grandson–in southwest Florida–then back just in time to haul off to CES. I’ll post over the holiday if the spirit, or the news, moves me, but chances are it won’t.

Meanwhile, for those who get to enjoy the break, have fun. And for those who are stuck with CES preparations, my sympathies and see you in Vegas.

2 Responses to “A Happy Holiday to All”

  1. Dave Barnes Says:

    Hush? No.

    Possible Apple tablet multi-touch tactile keyboard detailed

    Evidence points to Apple’s ownership of iSlate.com domain

    Is It iSlate?

    Apple ‘iSlate’ Trademark and What is a ‘Magic Slate’?

    The first rule of blogging is that there are no holidays.

  2. swildstrom Says:

    By today, Boxing Day or St. Stephen’s Day, as you prefer, even the Apple tablet chatter has died down. Twitter is calm. Time to kick back, even for bloggers. Me, I’m off to the beach with my grandson to look for shells.

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