E-reader Owners Are Happy Campers

Apple’s iPad may revolutionize the e-book markets, someone may have to pry the Kindles and other first-generation e-readers out of their owners cold, dead hands. A new study by market-research firm NPD finds that only 2% of e-readers “expressed any level of dissatisfaction” with the devices.

Not that they wouldn’t like improvements. The top request was more availability of titles (42%), followed by longer battery life (39%), and color displays (34%.) Wireless access was the favorite feature of 60% of the 1,000 NPD online panel members surveyed. But 23% listed touch as a favorite. That’s a tough data point to interpret since at the time the survey was taken in November, the un-touchy Amazon Kindle was the only e-reader shipping in any quantity.

One Response to “E-reader Owners Are Happy Campers”

  1. Joe Pratt Says:

    I like my Kindle DX but I there are several features that need improvement: screen grey on grey is not as sharp as I would like (inspite of all the raters who say its easy on the eyes—not mine), a keyboard that is beyond terrible if you have normal size fingers, and can’t get best sellers on Kindle at same time as hard cover . Anther major improvement involves the magazine and newspapers who put no effort into formatting, minimal table of contents and zero presentation pazazz. Its not like they are giving the newspaper subscriptions away .

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