Unless you follow the mobile phone world really closely, you’ve probably never heard of either Moblin or Maemo. And that will probably limit your excitement at today’s news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they are merging to create MeeGo.

Moblin is Intel’s mobile Linux development project. And Maemo is another flavor of Linux created by Nokia as a successor to the Symbian operating system. The problem is that Nokia smartphones have been losing market share at an alarming rate and mindshare even faster, while the Intel effort has yet to gain any real traction.

In a world where Apple’s iPhone is king, Android is coming on strong, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry is holding its own and Microsoft is about to make a major new push, it’s hard just see just where there is room for MeeGo.

2 Responses to “Moblin+Maemo=MeeGo”

  1. Rich Repplier Says:

    Have Nokia smartphones been losing market share worldwide, or primarily in the US?

  2. swildstrom Says:

    Worldwide. Nokia smartphones had hardly any share to lose in the U.S. BTW, Nokia still is #1 worldwide, but most of that volume is in S60 Symbian handsets that are really more like advanced feature phones than smartphones.

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