HP’s MediaSmart Server Adds TiVo

As software update to Hewlett-Parkard’s MediaSmart Server will let TiVo owners expand their storage by saving recorded content to the Windows Home Server-based MediaSmart. The free software extended works with TiVo Series II, Series III, and Premiere units with the EX490/495 MediaSmart models.

TiVo screen shotTo be watched on the TiVo, content stored on the MediaSmart must be copied rather than streamed. This means not only moving a lot of data across the network but, because of TiVo’s DRM requirements, decrypting and re-encrypting it. HP’s Charles Shilling says that with a fast wired network and a TiVo Series 3 or Premiere, HD content can be processed in close to real time.

Using the MediaSmart with a TiVo requires that you have TiVo Desktop software installed. The Mac version of TiVo Desktop also requires that you have Roxio Toast installed .

I’d like to see something similar done for the Motorola and Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) DVRs supplied by cable and satellite companies. These boxes almost alway have too little storage and generally are not expandable. The problem is that the cable and satellite providers keep them tightly locked down, which prevents HP and other providers of network storage solutions from supporting them.

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