Fore! Comcast To Offer Masters in 3D

Great news for the 37 U.S. golf fans who have run out and purchased 3D televisions. Comcast announced today that the cable service will be offering two hours a day of live 3D coverage on a dedicated channel during the Masters Golf Tournament April 7-11. In a blog post, Comcast Senior Vice President Derek Harrar said that Sony and IBM will be providing technology assists for “the industry’s first live multi-camera next-gen 3D production.”

My suspicion is that the 99.99% of you whose lack of 3D displays will force you to watch the tournament in plain old 3D probably won’t miss all that much. Even more than other sports, golf relies on a lot of very long shots–of the photographic variety–and ¬†the 3D effect is limited when using long telephoto lenses (for the technically minded, think parallax angles). Nonetheless it should be an interesting experiment and a way for broadcasters to ease into live 3D event coverage: The relatively slow pace of golf and the ability to use fixed camera positions on the Augusta National course make the 3D production of the tournament a lot less complicated than a live 3D broadcast of, say, an NFL football game

3 Responses to “Fore! Comcast To Offer Masters in 3D”

  1. Jim Says:


    So what are the implications and downfalls for someone watching 3D on a device that is modern, LED and new…but not 3D?

  2. swildstrom Says:

    Comcast will be showing the 3D version on a dedicated channel; if you watch the 3D broadcast on a 2D display, it will appear fuzzy, just like watching a 3D movie without the glasses. The normal 2D HD broadcast will remain on ESPN and CBS.

    The new 3D systems rely on two things: One is a display capable of sowing at least 120 frames per second (120 Hz) so each eye sees a flicker-free 60 frames per second. The second is a mechanism, usually infrared, for synchronizing the LCD shutters in the glasses so that each eye sees only the images intended for it.

  3. Jeff Says:

    I bought a Tiger Woods video in 3D “My favorite 18 holes” and was I pissed off when I got home and put it in the dvr. It was a golf video!!!

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