Apple (hearts) Adobe CS5

A strange turn today in what seemed to be a give-no-quarter ware between Apple and Adobe. What should show up in my inbox but an Apple Store ad for Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5. Of course, Adobe’s media-creation tools have long been essentials for the huge share of

creative professionals who prefer Macs (and I routinely use Photoshop on a Mac to do things like prepare this illustration for the Web.) And despite a not very subtle jab in Steve Job’s anti-Flash screed at Adobe for its slowness in releasing OS X version of Photoshop and other products–nearly a decade ago–the fact remains that Apple and Adobe need each other.

The bad blood between the companies goes back quite a ways. I have been told that Adobe founders John Warnock and Charles Geschke were offended when Apple failed to give the company any credit for developing the Acrobat technology that is used heavily in OS X’s 2D presentation layer (Quartz.) Adobe also wasn’t thrilled when Apple introduced a competitor to Photoshop (although in truth Apple’s Aperture hasn’t made much of a dent.)

But business is business, and the Apple Store probably gets some very nice margins selling CS2, which comes in a variety of bundles starting at a steep $1,300.

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