Dell Streak Arrives on O2 in June, in U.S. This Summer

The Dell Streak, a 5-in. Android tablet that has been buzzed about since it was previewed the Consumer Electronics Show in January, will be arriving in Great Britain from O2 and Carphone Warehouse in June and in the U.S. later in the summer.

The Streak–pricing to be announced by O2 within a few days–is basically a really big phone running Android 2.1, with an upgrade to 2.2 (Froyo) planned when it becomes available. The 5-in. screen makes for a somewhat odd size, too big to be pocketed easily, too small to be really comfortable doing many of the notebook-like tasks that seem natural on an iPad.

But the fact that the Streak is a phone gives it an advantage over non-voice enabled Android tablets or smartbooks. The most important is access to the Android Market. So far, Google has not allowed this for larger data-only apps, leaving them dependent on third-party marketplaces. It also includes Google Maps with turn-by-turn real-time navigation in a package that should make and excellent personal navigation device.

The Streak is powered by a 1 gigahertz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for speedy performance. It comes equipped with 2 GB of internal storage, which should ease the complaints about cramped storage for applications that have plagued other Android devices.

One big test of the Streak will be how well the on-screen keyboard will work on a device of this in-between size. My suspicion is that not many folks will want to use this as a primary phone, but it should make a really handy media viewer, especially when Flash 10.1 arrives with Froyo.

2 Responses to “Dell Streak Arrives on O2 in June, in U.S. This Summer”

  1. Alan Hart Says:

    Dell are making doll furniture now? Sorry Steve, I couldn’t resist the typo in the first sentence.

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