Jobs vs. Flash: Apple Wins by Default

The fight between Apple and Adobe over Flash on mobile devices is beginning to look downright silly because of Abode’s continuing inability to deliver a satisfactory Flash user experience–or in most cases, any experience at all.

My Droid finally got upgraded to Froyo (Android 2.2) this week, so I thought I’d finally get to try Flash. I went to a Flash page and got the expected download needed message, so I clicked on the download link, where Adobe informed me that Flash would be available for my phone “in late summer.” Technically, I guess that means they have a month left to deliver, but as a practical matter, Adobe has run out of time. Flash for mobile devices is so late as to have turned into a joke. And based on the report of the few who have gotten to try it (for example) it doesn’t actually work very well.

The only way for Adobe to have won this argument would have been to deliver a mobile flash experience that left iPhone and iPad owners feeling they were missing something. That chance is gone.

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