LG’s 31″ OLED Display: Start Saving Now

LG Electronics showed off a 31″ organic LED display at IFA in Berlin. It’s
shockingly thin, the colors on the screen are shockingly oversaturated, and it will almost certainly be shockingly expensive.

If you like your colors really vivd, you’ll love this display. If find the typically garish colors of OLED a bit much on a 4″ phone display, but it’s really eye-popping at.nearly three feet. The 3D version, which uses passive polarizing glasses, adds up to a truly surreal effect.

LG says the display will be available in Europe in the first quarter of 2011. There’s no word on any immediate plan to bring it across the Atlantic. No word on price yet either. But a 15″ version is on sale now for €2000 (about $2600.) The 31″ is more than four times the size and since price generally does not scale linearly with area, I expect it will hit the market well north of €10,000.

One Response to “LG’s 31″ OLED Display: Start Saving Now”

  1. Mister Reiner Says:

    Nice! Here is a video interview from last year’s IFA about the 15″ version:

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