Samsung’s Galaxy Tab: First Impressions

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab Android tablet at IFA in Berlin today. it comes with an impressive set of specs, but how well it delivers will depend on how successfully Samsung has tweaked Google’s phone software to make it work on a tablet.

The three most important specs of the Galaxy Tab: A 7″ display with
1024×680 resolution. A 4000 milliamp hour battery for which Samsung claims more than 8 hours of running time. And a weight of 380 grams, well under a pound.

The problem is that without serious hands-on time with the device, it is very hard to tell how satisfactory the user experience will be. tiny things make a huge difference in devices of this class. Past attempts At Android tablets and smart book have been hobbled by the fact that Google designed Android for devices with screens up to about four inches. Support of small tablets will come with the next version,Gingerbread, and larger tablets won’t get full support until Honeycomb is released some time next year. That leaves OEMs such as Samsung to make it work on their own.

A critical question is app compatibility. Samsung says the great majority of devices in the Android Market will work on the Tab, but my experience with other products has been a very mixed bag.

Only experience will really tell. Stay tuned.

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