Jambox: Little Box, Big Sound

Aliph, the company that brings you those clever Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, is putting the audio technology it has developed in making active noise-reducing earpieces into an impressive portable Bluetooth speaker it calls the Jambox.

JamboxThe Jambox is a little rectangular prism, about 6″ wide, 2″ high, and 1.5″ deep (151x57x40 mm)  and weighing 12 oz. (328 g). But it puts out sound, especially the bass, that makes you think is coming from a much larger speaker.

Setting it up is very easy. When you turn it on, it annou8ncers the state of its battery charge automatically goes into Bluetooth pairing mode, waiting for a connection. Turn on pairing on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or any other device capable of the A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile and the Jambox will connect. If you want to play audio from a non-Bluetooth device, the Jambox comes equipped with a standard 3.5 mm stereo input jack.

The rated battery life is about eight hours. Charging is through a  micro USB port and while a charger is included, most any standard USB charger should work.

The Jambox comes in blue, black, gray, and red. It’s available now for preorder from Aliph for $199 and will go on sale at Apple Stores and Best Buy on Nov. 16.

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