Tech.pinions: A New Place to Read My Stuff

I have become a regular contributor to Tech.pinions, a new site dedicated to news and analysis of important trends in technology. At Tech.pinions, I’m joining the founders, veteran industry analysts (and old friends) Ben and Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies.

Tech.pinions is not going to cover every new gadget, let alone every rumor about every new gadget. It doesn’t do live blogs of event. The focus is on analysis, backed by both reporting and deep knowledge of the industry.

Give it a look. I think you’ll like it.


2 Responses to “Tech.pinions: A New Place to Read My Stuff”

  1. Jeremy Toeman Says:


  2. Rich Says:

    Steve, you have 3 posts on Tech.pinions in one week’s time. That’s WAY more frequently than you posted on this blog. Good!

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